A. Product overview
300kw water-cooled screw chiller is one of our regular products, which is used for cooling mechanical equipment. If the heat output of the equipment is less than 300kw, our company can choose this product.The motor can be equipped with a soft starter, which can smoothly start/stop the motor, avoid electrical shock and other problems caused by traditional starting methods such as direct starting and star/triangle starting, and effectively reduce the starting current and distribution capacity.
B. Parameters of the product
Freezing capabilityKcal / KW269524/ 313.4
Power sourceV3鈭?380锝?80V- 50HZ锛圕an be customized锛?/p>
Electric currentA122.7
Power of compressorKW73
Quantity of compressor
Cooling water flowm3/h77.3
Power of water pumpKW11
Refrigerated water flowm3/hr54
Diameter of freezing water pipeMM150
Overall dimensionL锛坢m锛?/p>2700
Weight of machinekg1700
C. Product details
300 kw of conventional water temperature 10 鈩?water cooled screw chiller, water temperature 15 鈩? the evaporating temperature 5 鈩? condensation temperature 40 鈩? ambient temperature 35 鈩?of refrigerating capacity.
1. The main engine adopts the 5-6 asymmetric rotor semi-closed screw compressor, and the motor and compressor are integrated without shaft seal leakage
2. The compressor starts with a soft starter to avoid impact on the power grid
3. The vibration of the unit is extremely small, the foundation does not need vibration isolation measures, and the installation is simple
4. The unit can implement intelligent control according to the demand of load: 0-25-50-75-100% capacity control, saving energy
5. The screw chiller compressor head can run for more than 40,000 hours without failure
Protection function
Pressure protection: High voltage protection and low voltage protection
Motor protection: Lack of phase protection, reverse phase protection, overload protection, motor overheating protection
Anti-freezing protection: When the freezing water temperature is too low, the unit will stop automatically to avoid the evaporator to freeze
Piping diagram
Q: Can this chiller be used in the injection molding industry?
A: Can use in injection molding industry completely, still can use in the industry such as chemical industry, electron, die-casting, food, textile.Bulk Water Cooled Screw Chiller