Recommended applications:Can be used for car steering gear ball screw, also can be used for a variety of high speed ball and rolling bearings, can also be used for a variety of sliding rails.
Packaging:500G銆?KG銆?6KG銆?8KG銆?80KG.(Customized packaging is available)
Typical data
Test ItemDetection StandardUnitValue
AppearanceVisual inspection-Yellow
Cone Penetration锛? times锛?5鈩?/p>GB/T 2691/10 mm307
Wire Mesh oil separation锛?4h,100鈩冿級SH/T 0324%0.93
Evaporation capacity(22h,100鈩?GB/T 7325%0.36
Four-ball extreme pressure PBGB/T 3142N1049
Four-ball extreme pressure sintering load PDGB/T 3142N2450
Service temperature-鈩?/p>-40-170
Cone into the degree of:307
Expiration date:The shelf life of unopened products at room temperature is 36 months from the date of manufacture.
If you request and where possible, we are very happy to provide you with free samples for testing. ODSI products have been continuously improved, so Otis reserves the right to modify the technical information of product information at any time without having to Notice.Common Low Temperature Lubricant factory