Sealing protection solution
Introduction of gummed tape dispenser machine
We design and manufacture of the Gummed tape dispenser machine in our own factory. It is patented item, we have got all the related certificates and patents. It is the 1st one electric gummed tape dispenser machine in China.
Feature of Gummed paper tape machine
鈼?74oz Water Bottle increases production "Up Time" with fewer refills. Largest bottle in the industry with a rubber valve that reduces water spillage.
鈼?Tactile keypad with LCD display of programmed lengths for short and long repeat.
鈼?12 gauge, all metal chassis construction, powder coated industrial gray.
鈼?Wide track feeding! The 1.5" feed roll and pinch roll uses a high coefficient friction urethane to ensure accurate and quiet tape feeding.
鈼?Built-in all metal adjustable tape channel guides.
鈼?All metal construction, easy to adjust with built-in thumbscrew feature for centering the roll of tape. "Open Basket" design offers a quick view of remaining tape roll and easy drop-in reloading.
鈼?Standard 3 year limited warranty.
Flexible operation andaccurate quantitative
Adjustable sealing range, suitable for all carton sizes.
Customize the logo to enhance the brand image
Specification of gummed tape dispenser machine
Speed:30CM /S
Tape Width