Three Layers Disposable Mask Machine
This machine adopts an aluminum alloy frame, lighter and stronger, adopts touch screen panel and PLC control system, the material runs, the sensor, and the ultrasonic welding, the output is high, the product pass rate is high.
1. Machine PLC control
2. The production capacity reaches 200 tablets per minute
3. The folding position can be adjusted, and the fold shape can be changed with the guide device
4. The machine structure is all-aluminum alloy
5. Can produce 2~ 4 layers of non-woven mask pieces
Main technical parameters:
Speed120-220 pcs/min
Face Mask Size17.5*9.5CM
Total Power3.1KW
Machine Weight650KG
Machine specificationsSize of the host2000脳600脳1200mm (L*W*H)
Size of feeding rack1600脳550脳1400mm (L*W*H)
size of Conveyor belts1770脳330脳900mm (L*W*H)
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Packaging & Delivery
Certifications:China Mask Making Machine manufacturers