Product Name:Classic Rosette Door Set With Solid Brass Door levers
Product Category:
Product Brief:
Model No.: 22B33

Model No.: 22B33

♦ Applicable to many kinds of wooden door and metal doors.
♦ Trim: Made by Solid forged brass, No.H59, top quality in China.
♦ Mortise Lock: There are five solutions covering different materials and functions for your choices.
Backset of Mortise Lock Case: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm are available.
Distance of Mortise Lock Case: 72mm and 85mm are available.
♦ Cylinder: The most components are made by brass, processed with highly precise CNC machines for premium quality purpose.
♦ Supplying function: Entrance, Dummy, Bathroom, Passage.

Door thickness:
Standard 35-45mm
Supplying finish:

AB (US 5) – Antique Brass
AC (US 11) – Antique Copper
ACC – Antique Coffee Copper
AN (US 15A) – Antique Nickel
ASL – Antique Silver
BLK – Black Paint
BN (US 17A) – Black Nickel
CCH – Coffee Copper Highlighted
CP (US 26A) – Chrome Polished
DAB – Dim Antique Brass
DAC – Dim Antique Copper
DSN – Dim Satin Nickel
GP – True Gold Polished
NP – Nickel Polished
OAC – Oil Antique Copper
ORB (US 10B) – Oil Rubbed Bronze
ORBH – Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlighted
PB (US 3) – Polished Brass
RG – Rose Gold
SB (US 4) – Satin Brass
SCH (US 26D) – Satin Chrome
SG – Satin True Gold
SN (US 15) – Satin Nickel
YB – Yellow Bronze
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