Our History
Hangzhou Longcell Textile Co begins its operations in 2004, the core business of the company was trading home textile. Our well-established expertise encompasses sheet set, duvet cover set, pillow and case, mattress, protector/pad, comforter, quilt, cushion and cover, curtain etc.
Over all these years we understood that if we wanted to put our clients at the hearts of every process we needed to integrate the production into our strategy.
After 10 years we have decided to acquire our own plant. This journey is been a true labor of love, from locating the machinery, to get forefront innovation machine; while sourcing fibers to make a truly, high quality made product.
We are proud to offer to our clients the best experience; we control every steps of the production and make sure we follow all their requirements. Due to just-in-time production our capacity of production is 5-7 days for 40HQ. We deliver more than 500 000 products worldwide every year in the five continents.
When you choose us, you enter into a relationship with an industry leader that company worldwide have trusted for more than 15 years.
Our Factory
Passion for client interests: Because our clients are our raison d'锚tre, the services that we provide are designed to satisfy and surpass client expectations. We are flexible on the fabrics, the colors, the logo brand designs, inserts with personalized design, wash label, the packaging. Our passion for the interests of our clients is what maintains their loyalty and truly sets us apart.
Innovation: It was important for us to be equipped with machine from the latest technology in the industry. As a result, we have high capacity of production and we are flexible on the request of our clients.
We also keep our ears open to innovate and keep doing research for new fabrics to respond to the customers鈥?needs and outweigh the trends in the industry.
Environmental-friendly: We recycle all the scraps of fabric and we use natural fiber such as bamboo, cotton, copper, aloe-vera.
People first: As we place our clients at the centre of all our actions, we are committed to the well-being of our workers in our company. We provide safe work environment where all the employees are treated with respect. Our workers are with us from the beginning of this journey.
Our Product
Sheet Set/ Duvet Cover Set/ Pillowcase/ Protector/ Quilt/ Cushion and cover/ Curtain.
Product Application
Home, Hotel, Office, Hospital
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Sewing Machine
Production Market
We deliver more than 500,000 products worldwide every year in the five continents. When you choose us, you enter a relationship with an industry leader that the company has been trusted for more than 15 years in worldwide.low price Cozy Spun Printed Sheet Set