.Stepless of sptndle turning, feeding
Rotating speed and feed of spindle ts free-setup, automatical returning of spindle can be realized
. Longitudmgal and cross movement of table
Complete set of accessories of bonng. dnlhng & reaming and easy exchange
Spindle fast centering device
. Tool measuring device
.Bomg depth control device
Table with digital readout for jig borer machine
Main specifications:
Max.boring diametermm桅170桅200桅250
Max. boring depthmm400500500
Max. grinding areamm400x1000
Max. drilling & reaming diametermm30
Spindle speedmm120-1200
Feeding of the spindler/min14-900
Rapid moving speed of the spindlemm/min900
Spindle travelmm/min700
Distance between spindle end face and tablemm0-700
Distance between spindle axis and carriagemm375
Longitudinal feed of worktablemm/min32-1350
Rapid moving speed of the table longitudinalmm/min1350
Table longitudinal travelmm1500
Table latitudinal travelmm200
Worktable size (W x L)mm500x1250500x1500500x1500
Dimensional precision of boring holeH7
Machining precisionRoundnesmm0.005
Cylindricitmm0.01/ 300
Milling flatnessmm0.10
Grinding flatnessmm0.08
Surface roughnessBoringumRa 2.5
MillingumRa 3.2
GrindingumRa 0.8
Main motorkw5.5
Overall dimensions (Lx Wx H)cm260x163 x 230
Packing dimensions (LxWxH)cm225x190x228
N.W/G.W.kg3300 / 36003500 / 38003500 / 3800Vertical Fine Boring Machine pricelist