DescriptionWash Machine Bottom Tub mould
Plastic resinPP+15%GF
Mould cavity qty1 cavity
Mould dimension (mm)1435X1237X1120
Mould weight (T)7 Ton
Mould cavity steel1.2738
Suitable Machine1200T
Mould Core steel1.2738
Manufacture time (day)55days
Gate system4 tips YUDO Vavle gate
Mold life500.000 shots
Above one of our wash machine bottom tub project specification for your reference.
And below wash machine front tub specification once we made.
Wash Machine Bottom Tub mold development and design process
1. On product molding process, die structure and processing technology were analyzed. Ensure the die life meet customer demand.
2. Design and complete the mould structure and processing parts, and assembly and injection molding process requirements are put forward.
3. Before open mould parts surface quality defect analysis (such as shrinkage, etc.) or mold structure problem (such as parting surface setting, gate settings, mould life is cannot guarantee etc.)
4. Mould appearance: mould appearance must ensure that no rust, no percussion mark, no incomplete modules such as defects
5. Mold transportation: mold transport must be put locked mold piece, packaging, to prevent rust.
6. Mold material: in the mold of delivery at the same time, provide a complete set of mold parts and maintenance resources.Taizhou Home Appliance Mould