Double-sided tape with base material
ZH-98 butyl sealant tape is a high-quality, black color, synthetic rubber sealant tape reinforced with lightweight polyester cloth to eliminate stretching and prevent creeping or sagging in service. It holds well to most surfaces - even when applied in vertical or overhead positions, and forms a watertight, gasket-like seal that has outstanding resistance to weathering. It is available in various sizes supplied in ready-to-use rolls, It is widely used as gap sealant.

It is mainly used for sealing and shock-absorption in cars, sealing and waterproofing on roofs, PC, PVC, EPDM, PE and sealing and waterproofing in the laps of all types of Geo-textile materials.

ModelDouble-sided tape with base material
Release Layerwhite, yellow
Butyl RubberBlack,Grey,white
Roll Width10mm--1.05m
Roll Length10m--30m
Weight1.6KG/m虏 at 1.0mm
Supply ModelSheet , rollDouble Sided Butyl Tape manufacturers