High strength and low density ti3al2.5v GR9 titanium bike frame china cheap titanium bike frame
1:Materials: Gr9 (Ti-3Al-2.5V),Gr5(Ti-6Al-4V);
2: Size:

3:surface:Polished surface , Sandblasted surface,Drawing surface;
Titanium have only 57%weight than steel , and have higher strength than carbon fiber and steel ;
Titanium have Corrosion resistance , The surface of the oxide layer will ensure that titanium permanent light.
Titanium have good biological affinity,Is known material, the most suitable for human body implant material, will not cause any damage to the human body.
The most important reasons to choose titanium bike frame
Titanium bike frame stronger than carbon bike. carbon bike sometimes will be broken when crashing ,when broken some parts are sharp ,This will put rider in danger. When crashing, titanium bike frame will be transformative but not broken. SO it will not hurt riders .
Titanium bike frame vibration Resistance better than AL-alloy bike frame & carbon bike frame
Titanium is resilient as it protects the cyclist from most vibration. You never know riding is such a comfortable thing without it.
Extended Fatigue Life (frames that last a lifetime)
Firstly,Titanium is tough at both high and low temperatures. It resists breaking, crackingor chipping underimpact or stress.Secondly,Titaniumis a self-healing metal that forms an oxide ceramic skin over itself when scratched. This gives it the ability to resist being eroded by contact with outside materials such as dirt, sand, ice, mud, etc. You may enjoy a lifetime riding with it.
5:OEM : Our company have bender to make the titanium bends and welding titanium bike frame . we provide drawings custom ;
6:Description:we can custom titanium bike frame for titanium bicycle . Tell me what size you need or give me the drawings . We will design for you .
8:Payment Method:
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