Grey cast iron is a kind of cast iron. Carbon exists in cast iron in a flake graphite form, with grey fractures. It has good casting and cutting performance and good wear resistance, and is used to manufacture racks and cases. Graphite in grey cast iron is flake shaped with small effective bearing area and stress concentration easily formed at the tips of graphite. Therefore, grey cast iron has a strength, plasticity and toughness lower than those of other cast iron. However, it has excellent vibration damping performance, low notch sensitivity and high wear resistance.
Our grey cast iron products are mostly auto parts, e.g., brake discs, brake drums, flywheel rings and hubs. We can also process various other grey cast iron products as the users require. The products are mainly made of HT200 and HT250.
We have world-leading automatic casting equipment, mainly including DISA vertical molding machine and SMC sand conditioning system from Denmark, Inductotherm smelting furnace and automatic gating system from USA and FA core machine from Italy.
Our detection equipment include ARL photoelectric direct reading spectrometer from Switzerland, Zeiss metallographic microscope from Germany, carbon-silicon analyzer imported from Japan, CS analyzer, universal tensile testing machine, hardometer and a complete series of molding sand testing equipment.
Our advanced production equipment, excellent detection means, strong technology power and complete corporate management provide a guarantee for us to produce high-quality cast iron products and provide favorable prices and satisfactory services.Castings