Precast concrete formwork fixed formwork magnets is a kind of magnetic fixing idle specially developed for fixing precast concrete formwork. Compared with traditional mechanical fixing mode such as screw nut, magnetic box fixing has the characteristics of half fast, flexible operation, strong suction, safety and reliability, which is beneficial to improve labor efficiency, so it has been widely used in precast concrete pipeline production line abroad. At a time when the development of industrial housing in China is in the ascendant, more and more PC component factories have begun to accept and apply magnetic fixed installation.
锛?Use with wood or steel formworks
锛?Easy to operate
锛?Simple and exact positioning
锛?Adhesive force ranging from 450 Kg to 2100 Kg
锛?Avoid welding or bolting to the formwork table therefore preserving surface finish
锛?Same magnet can be used for different purposes
锛?Intergrated threaded holes to adapt formwork
锛?Adapters to be custom madeCustom Shuttering Magnets