The three-phase current transformer is also called the three-in-one transformer as the AC current signal acquisition component. Generally, it can be used with multi-loop current monitoring device, PZ300, molded case circuit breaker and other products, which saves installation space and reduces the cumbersome wiring. User-friendly, effectively reducing costs.
1. High precision and small phase error requirements for three-phase energy meters
2. Combined current transformer saves more instrument space
3. Linear output current with high precision
4. High insulation performance
Operatingfree air temperature range-40ºC to85ºC
Storagetemperature range-40ºC to100ºC
24AWGUL1007 Lead wiresLeadslength:150+5/-5mm
Strippedand tinned3+1/0mm
Whether it is domestic electricity or industrial electricity, the circuit often fails due to aging and other reasons. If it is not eliminated in time, it will cause inconvenience to people's lives and even threaten people's lives. But the invisible thing of current, it is not so easy to know that the circuit is out of order, especially people can't touch it directly. At this time, professional staff are required to use professional tools for measurement and diagnosis to tell people where the symptoms are. Among these tools is a current transformer, which is like a doctor's stethoscope, which can measure the current value to help professionals judge the circuit's fault.
Since the currents in power generation, distribution, transmission, etc. are not the same, sometimes they vary widely, and if they are directly measured, they are extremely dangerous. Therefore, when measuring current, the current must be unified first, so that it can be put into a unified standard to compare, the current transformer plays such a role. Regardless of whether the current in the circuit is a few amps or tens of thousands of amps, it can convert the current into an ampere level of several amps. There are also current transformers that measure fine currents that can calibrate the measured current to milliamps.DC Immune Current Transformers manufacturers