Our History
2008 Chongqing Vbolt Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd establish.
2009 Establishment of the production base oil distillation equipment and used transformer oil purifier line.
2010 Establish R&D team to develop a multi-purpose vacuum oil purification machine.
2011 The first generation of batch vacuum distillation equipment was developed which is suitable for recycling and distillation of waste lubricating oil into diesel or base oil.
2012 As a factory, we cooperated with other foreign trade companies to provide them with high quality equipment.Successfully establish VBOLT brand.
2013 The overseas engineers team met with VBOLT chief engineer with deep communication and put forward the concept of continuous distillation to improve the efficiency of the distillation plant.
2014 Continuous distillation equipment was successfully produced and operated, which combines thin film evaporation and vacuum distillation technology.
2015 The thin film evaporator was upgraded to the continuous and efficient flash distillation with tubular heating furnace. The effect of pre-treatment distillation was increased 3times.
2017 The distillation kettle was upgraded to a membrane-type distillation kettle.the distillation efficiency of the whole equipment was increased by at least 3 times.
2018 we successfully applied for patents of molecular distillation system of oil substances,continuous distillation system of oil thin film distillation and high efficiency catalyst cracking distillation system of waste oil, and get the patent certificates issued by the state.
2019 we successfully developed an efficient centrifugal extraction & refining system,which can be used for diesel oil, base oil and other oil products to achieve very low sulphur content, water white,etc.
Chongqing Vbolt Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has unique technology and rich experience in the waste oil recycling industry.the company constantly seeks development, extensively absorbs world鈥檚 advanced oil purification technology, and is committed to research and development in the field of oil treatment.
Since 2008, VBOLT has been a factory to supply double-stage vacuum oil purification system for some trading companies, And then VBOLT is constantly researching and developing in waste oil regeneration,in the latest 10years, Vbolt have R&D multiple techniques and successfully applied for patents. These include thin-film evaporation systems, high efficiency membrane distillation systems, vacuum distillation systems, diesel oxidative desulfurization systems, chemicals recycling systems, lubricant regeneration systems etc.. Vbolt鈥檚 high-efficiency distillation equipment could not only recycle waste diesel engine oil, gasoline oil, various engine oils, industrial oils, hydraulic oil, transformer oil, etc., but also catalyze cracking of pyrolysis oils such as plastic pyrolysis, tire pyrolysis and rubber pyrolysis etc.
Vbolt not only engaged in waste oil equipment manufacturing, but also provides consulting services for the investment and management of waste oil recovery and oil refining projects. Vbolt have a professional technical team composed of masters and doctors with rich experience in equipment design, providing customers with quality design services in waste oil recovery and oil refining projects, providing customers with engineering design products that meet international standards, national standards and industry standards,including preliminary design,construction drawing design, and software control design.We can provide high quality and advanced design services such as container and pipeline process simulation, 3D design, strength analysis, vibration analysis, safety analysis and software control.
Base om project management, equipment design, procurement and rich modular manufacturing, testing, commissioning and after-sales service experience in oil processing Chongqing Vbolt Machinery is committed to providing customers with complete and efficient modular solutions to meet customer needs our machine has exported to different countries, like South African, Sudan, Rwanda, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.
1.Oil Distillation Machine
2.Waste Oil Recycling Machine
3. Oil Refine Machine
4. Lube Oil Blending Machine
5. Vacuum Oil Purifier machine
6. Machine Parts
Our equipment is widely used in crude oil refining, waste oil recycling, various lubricating oil blending and filtration etc.
1. African : 30% main products is :oil recycling machine and lubricating filtration machine.
2. Southeast Asia : 30% main products is waste oil recycling to diesel distillation plant and lubricating filtration machine.
3. Mid EAST : 20% Main products is heavy oil distillation plant, waste oil recycling machine and lube oil blending machine.
4. Euro : 5% Main products is plastic oil and tire oil to diesel distillation plant.
5. Domestic mark : 15%, main products is lubricating filtration machine.
1. Service Concept锛歋incerity銆丼hortcut銆丳rofessional銆乄in-win
Sincerity 鈥斺€?Refers to provide service for the customer, in the whole process of service personnel treat customers embodies a kind of attitude.Including: attitude, behaviour, technical level and service quality.
Shortcut 鈥斺€?In the whole process of service for the customer, customer, service personnel, manufacturers of information communication between more quickly, in a timely manner.Including: the quality of information transmission, user pays a return visit, technical training, market dynamics, etc.
Professional 鈥斺€?Refers to the user's demand as the standard continuously strengthen the quality of the century training, to provide satisfactory service to customers to lay a good foundation.
Win-win 鈥斺€?Refers to the established through perfect service system, make the customers, manufacturers to achieve the purpose of common progress and common development.
2. Service commitment and technical support
Service engineer to come to understand the needs of customers, help customers to design or improve the reasonable fluid pipeline scheme.
In accordance with customer demand to provide the best oil processing solutions, for customized design and customized production.
The company products and services more than "3 packets" standards of the state.
Engineers provide the installation instructions,hardware inspection,loading and running software debugging on site,and close cooperation with construction, design units and customer, Ideal with various aspects of operational equipment to ensure production safety equipment in time.
To provide comprehensive technical support, including system upgrade, equipment improvement, maintenance, technical consulting, etc.
Company engineers, operators and maintenance personnel for the user to provide different training courses, to ensure equipment use and maintenance of zero barriers at customer side.Waste Oil Desulfurization Refining Machine