Organic compounds are generally more soluble in organic solvents than in water. Therefore, in medical care, organic synthesis and food industry, organic solvents such as ethanol are often used as media for extraction, separation and purification of substances. It is one of the most commonly used extraction methods.
As a very professional team, we have provided a variety of technical solutions and extraction equipments to customers from different industries around the world.
The most relevant utilities of ethanol extraction device including extractor, condenser, cooler, filter, single effective evaporator, pipes system, control cabinet, etc. The contacting material can be SS304 or SS316, the structure of extractor can be different according to material varieties.
1) Pneumatic cylinder automatic open structure of extractor, easy to operate;
2) Optimized structure based on rich application experience;
3) This device can be used in the extraction of different solvents, such as water, ethanol, methyl alcohol, acetone, etc;
4) SS304 or SS316 material, satisfies GMP standard;
5) It is suitable for two different extraction ways, dynamic or static.
6) Customized design.
Main parameter
1) Volume: minimum 50L;
2) Material: SS304 or SS316;
3) Structure of extractor: three layer structure with different shape, such as: tapered, straight type, inverted cone, mushroom type, etc.
Total Volume(L)6001200230033005400
Pressure (bar)1) Inner pressure is atmospheric pressure; 2) Pressure of the jacket is 3bar
OD of manhole(mm)300400400400600
OD of outlet door(mm)4006008008001000
Heating area(m2)
Cooling area(m2)355810
Filtration area(m2)
Steam required(kg/H)245325345645720
NoteThe information above is for reference
Solvent extraction equipment can be used in the extraction of various medicine plants or food ingredient plants, such as ginger, black pepper, chili, garlic, taxus, gingko, ginseng, Chinese yam, etc. for essential oil, recovery aromatic oil, oleoresin, etc..
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