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Stamping products:
1. The press body material is made of ductile(nodular) iron, which is more resistant to pressure and wear than general gray cast iron, especially resistant to vibration, improving stamping accuracy and service life.
2. Design structure of Separated clutch and brake is more stable and scientific than integrated clutch brake.
3. Adopt oil lubrication system introduced from USA, fully guarantee the high-speed lubrication requirements, more stable and safe.
4. The slider uses eight-sided ball bearing guide, higher precision, easy to adjust and repair.
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Our company:
The company occupies an area of 30,000 square meters and builds a modern large-scale industrial plant. (The company has a large-scale precision casting company) with large-scale automated production technology and processing equipment, a strong team of engineers, perfect quality control and inspection system, ensuring The quality of each stamping equipment. Over the years, Guoyi has developed a new generation of high speed precision press machines through independent innovation with German technology. Our company's fist products GYH 30T-500T, GDH 85T-300T, GYC 25T-85T series high-speed precision automatic press, play a decisive role in new energy vehicles, smart equipment, household appliances, hardware electronics and other industries.
Our equipment is packaged in containers and transported by sea.
Characteristics of products
1. Precision automatic punch can be matched with various feeders, such as gear feeder, clip feeder, servo feeder and roller feeder. Fully automatic feeding according to feeder has the advantages of high speed, labor saving and high safety.
2. High precision structure, cast iron, product stability is very high, structure stability has characteristics.
3. Precision automatic punch press has high precision and wide application. The accuracy and stability of stamping can be guaranteed by different tonnage equipment.
4. Precision automatic punch can be equipped with shock absorber foot, damper foot, to ensure that the machine runs to reduce the phenomenon of machine translation, and low noise.
5. Electronic control box and precision automatic punch are equipped with automatic operation press and twist to ensure multi-station operation of the machine.
6. Automatic mode adjustment, high adjustment accuracy, to ensure that the operator is safer and faster.
7. High precision, stable performance, ensure the quality and life of precision automatic punch.
8. Price of precision automatic punch: The price of 30 tons precision automatic punch is about 100,000 yuan. According to the structure of the machine and the actual situation, there will be minor changes in the degree of deputy. Consult the merchants in detail.Gap Frame High Speed Press price